Terms of Service

1. Terms of Acceptance

Tantan Application (hereinafter referred to as 'Tantan') is developed by Tantan Cultural Development Beijing Limited and provides you with services in accordance with the following service terms. Tantan hereby specifically reminds you (the user) to carefully read these Terms of Service (hereinafter referred to as the 'Agreement') and all the schedules hereof, including but not limited to the Tantan Privacy Policy, the Code of Conduct for Tantan Users and other schedules, to ensure that you fully understand all provisions of the Agreement before you register yourself as a user. You will have no right to register, log in or use the services covered by the Agreement unless and until you have accepted all the provisions of the Agreement. By registering, logging in, using, or accessing the services, you will be deemed to have accepted the Agreement and agreed to be bound by the various provisions of the Agreement.

In addition, when you use any services of Tantan, you and Tantan shall comply with the guidelines and rules published by Tantan with respect to such services from time to time. All guidelines and rules mentioned above form an integral part of this Agreement.

2. Modification to the Provisions

The provisions of the Agreement may be updated by Tantan from time to time without further notice, and the modified provisions will effectively supersede the original provisions of the Terms of Service upon publication on Tantan. The user may view the latest provisions of the agreement on this website. After such modifications to the provisions of the agreement by Tantan, any user who does not accept the modified provisions shall immediately cease using Tantan, and the user's continued use of the services of Tantan shall be deemed as his or her acceptance of the modified Terms of Service.

3. Registration

  1. In order to use these services, you need to register for a Tantan account and bind the account to your mobile phone number. The user is required to bind the account using a mobile phone number that has yet to be bound with any 'Tantan' account, and to register for a 'Tantan' account with a mobile phone number that has not been banned by Tantan. Tantan may change the method for account registration and binding according to user requirements or product requirements without prior notice to the user.
  2. 'Tantan' is a geographical location-based mobile social networking product, and the user can complete registering for a 'Tantan' account only if he or she authorizes Tantan to make his or her geographical location information public and use such location information during registration. The user's completion of the registration indicates that he or she agrees to Tantan extracting, making public and using the user's geographical location information.
  3. In view of the method for registering for a Tantan account and to protect the security of your account, you agree to Tantan's use of the mobile phone number you provide and/or automatic extraction of your mobile phone number, your mobile device ID and other information for registration purposes during your registration. If you choose to enable and use certain functions, you agree to Tantan accessing your mobile phone's address book to realize such functions.
  4. When the user registers for and uses these services, Tantan needs to collect personal information that can be used to identify the user so that Tantan can contact the user when necessary or provide the user with a better user experience. The information collected by Tantan includes but is not limited to the name, gender, age, date of birth, ID card number, address, school, company, industry of work, hobbies, frequently visited places and personal profile of the user, and Tantan agrees to be bound by the laws concerning personal private information and the Privacy Policy of Tantan during the use of such information.
  5. You are required to ensure the validity and legality of the mobile phone number, name, profile photo and other materials updated as well as all content that you publish on Tantan henceforth. If you provide any material that is against the law, morality and the Code of Conduct for Tantan Users, or Tantan has reason to suspect that you are engaged in any malicious operations, Tantan has the right to restrict or ban the functions of your account, and rejects your use of these services, as a whole or in part, now and in the future. Any user shall be fully responsible to ensure that the registration materials published by him or her on Tantan are true, correct, complete, applicable and/or up to date.
    In accordance with relevant laws and legislations, Tantan hereby solemnly calls your attention to the fact that the content provider shall be responsible for text, photos or other materials (hereinafter referred to as 'Content') published or uploaded via these services, whether transmitted publicly or privately. Tantan only provides the user with content storage space and does not warrant the correctness, completeness or quality of the Content, and is therefore unable to control the Content transmitted via these services. You have been advised, in advance, of the possibility of accessing Content that is unpleasant, inappropriate or repulsive when you are using these services. In no event shall Tantan be responsible for any Content, and you may report such content through the reporting function on Tantan. Upon verification, Tantan has the right to stop transmitting any of the aforesaid contents and take the corresponding actions, including but not limited to suspending the violator's use of these services, as a whole or in part, storing relevant records, and reporting the same to the appropriate authority.

4. User Account, Password and Security

Upon completing the registration procedures for these services and completing the registration, you can use your mobile phone number to log in to your Tantan account (hereinafter referred to as 'Account').

You shall be fully responsible for all activities conducted with your password and account. You agree that:

You will immediately notify Tantan of unauthorized use of or any other security issues with your Tantan account.

Tantan will in no way be responsible for any loss or damage arising from your failure to safekeep your own account and password;

Each user shall be fully responsible for all actions and events associated with his or her own account. You will be fully responsible for the damages caused to you, Tantan or any third party for your failure to safekeep your own account and password.

If Tantan detects an unusual login to your account and there is a high possibility that the account has been stolen, you agree that Tantan has the right to freeze the account. If you need to unfreeze your account, please submit an application through the feedback channel of Tantan.

5. Use of Paid Functions

A portion of the value-added services of Tantan are for paid use and the user who needs to purchase any paid value-added service can choose, purchase and make payment for the same on the page for purchasing the corresponding service. When making a purchase, the user shall confirm the category, quantity, duration, automatic renewal term (if optional), etc., of the service to be purchased according to his or her actual requirements. By making the payment, the same will be confirmed, and the user may not request a modification or refund in the absence of just causes specified by law or the Agreement.

If the user requests an invoice after purchasing any paid feature of Tantan, Tantan will be responsible for issuing the VAT invoice for the current year in which the user requests the same with the VAT borne by the user, and the transportation costs, courier charges and other expenses, if any, shall be borne by the user.

6. Use by Members for Non-commercial Purposes

You shall not use the services provided by Tantan for any commercial purpose other than those expressly accepted or approved by Tantan. Illegal and/or unauthorized use of the services of Tantan is prohibited. We may delete commercial advertisements, associated links and promotion contents of any other form in the files and documents of the user without any notice, and may therefore terminate your qualification as a user. We will take the appropriate legal action with respect to any illegal or unauthorized use of the services of Tantan.

7. Protection of Personal Private Information of the User

When registering for an account or using these services, the user may be required to fill in some necessary information, such as identity information required by laws, legislations, regulations and normative documents (hereinafter referred to as 'Laws and Legislations'). If the user submits information that is incomplete or inconsistent with the provisions of laws and legislations, the user may be unable to use these services or subjected to restrictions during his or her use of the services.

Personal private information refers to the information related to the personal identity or personal privacy of the user. Tantan pays great attention to protecting the personal privacy of the user, and has formulated the Tantan Privacy Policy, which the user may view in detail by reading the schedules to the Agreement. The user acknowledges and agrees that use of the services provided by Tantan shall be deemed as acceptance of the Tantan Privacy Policy.

8. Code of Conduct for Users

The user agrees that it will not use these services for any illegal or inappropriate activity and will comply with the Code of Conduct for Tantan Users between Tantan and the user.

9. Internationally-used Special Warnings

You have understood that the international Internet is borderless, and agreed to comply with all local laws and rules about online behavior and content. You specifically agree to comply with all applicable laws and legislations concerning the transmission of information outputted from China or the country or region where you are located.

10. Public Information Published on Tantan

For the purposes of this Agreement, 'Public Area for Public Use of These Services' refers to the area in which these services are available to the general public;

The user shall warrant that he or she is the copyright owner or has obtained the legal authorization for the Content uploaded or published by the user on Tantan and such content will not infringe on the legal interests of any third party. The user agrees to grant Tantan worldwide, royalty-free, irrevocable, indefinite, sublicensable, transferable or exclusive license to use all content mentioned above, by which license, Tantan shall have the right to display, promote or use the aforesaid content in any other way that is not prohibited by law.

11. Indemnification

You agree to indemnify and hold harmless Tantan and its subsidiaries, affiliates, high-level executives, agents, brand co-owners or other partners, and employees from and against any claim or request proposed by any third person arising or resulting from the content you provide, publish or transmit via these services, your connection with these services, your violation of this user agreement or your infringement on any right of others, including but not limited to reasonable attorney fees, and bear all the legal responsibilities arising therefrom.

12. Data Storage

Tantan shall not be responsible for the user's failure to delete or store relevant data in these services.

Tantan may determine the maximum storage period of the user's data in these services at its sole discretion based on the actual conditions, and assign the user with the maximum storage space on the server, etc.

If the user stops using these services or these services are terminated, Tantan may permanently delete the data of the user from the server. After these services are stopped or terminated, Tantan has no obligation to return any data to the user.

13. Modification to the Services

Tantan has the right to temporarily or permanently modify or terminate these services or any part thereof at any time, irrespective of whether notice thereof has been given. You agree that Tantan will in no way be responsible to you and any third person for any modification to, suspension or termination of these services.

14. Change, Interruption and Termination of the Services

In consideration of the particularity of network services, the user agrees that Tantan has the right to change, interrupt or terminate the services, including the paid service, in part or as a whole, at any time. If the services are changed, interrupted or terminated by Tantan, Tantan shall notify the user of the same prior to such change, interruption or termination, and shall provide the user affected with substitute services of equivalent value, and if the user is unwilling to accept the substitute services, Tantan shall refund the remaining amount to the user after deducting the corresponding fee in accordance with the actual use of the services by such user.

Tantan has the right to change, interrupt or terminate the provision of free services or paid services to the user without bearing any responsibility to the user or any third party:

(1) if the user should have submitted true information in accordance with the provisions of laws, but instead provides personal materials that are untrue or inconsistent with the information submitted during registration without presenting reasonable proof; or

(2) if the user violates the provisions in relevant laws and rules or the Agreement; or

(3) as provided by law or required by the competent authority;or

(4) for the sake of security or in other necessary circumstances.

15. Guarantee and Warranty

You expressly understand and agree that:

no provisions in this user agreement will exempt Tantan from any responsibility for causing personal injury to you or loss of your property out of willful act or gross negligence;

You will individually bear the risks in your use of these services. These services are provided on an 'as is' and 'as available' basis. Tantan makes no guarantees or warranties, either express or implied, with respect to these services, including but not limited to guarantees or warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and non-infringement of the rights of others;

Tantan does not warrant that:

these services will be in compliance with your requirements;

these services will be free from interference, provided timely, safe, reliable or free from error;

the result obtained by using these services will be correct and reliable;

Any product, service, message or other information you purchase or obtain via these services will meet your expectations;

Whether to download or obtain any material by using these services will be at your own discretion and risk, and you will be individually responsible for any damage, data loss or other consequences in your computer system caused by the downloading of any material;

No suggestion or information, whether in written or oral form, you obtain from Tantan or via these services, will form any warranty other than those in this user agreement, unless expressly specified in this user agreement.

16. Limitation of Liability

You expressly understand and agree that Tantan will not be responsible for any direct, indirect, consequential, special, derivative or punitive damages in case of losses, including but not limited to loss in profits, reputation, applications and data, or other intangible losses caused by:

the use or unavailability of these services;

costs incurred by the replacement of any commodity, data, information or service purchased or obtained, message received, or transaction concluded from or via these services;

unauthorized access or alteration of your transmissions or data;

statements made or actions taken by any third party in these services;

other matters related to these services, other than those expressly specified in this user agreement;

Tantan will in no way be responsible for fraudulent information published or delivered by any third party in any way, or the user being induced to suffer economic losses.

17. Trademark Information of Tantan

The Tantan logo, Tantan as well as all other trademarks, marks and product and service names registered by Tantan are the trademarks of Tantan Cultural Development Beijing Limited. (hereinafter referred to as the 'Tantan Marks'). Without the prior consent of Tantan in advance, you agree not to display or use Tantan Marks in any way or otherwise process Tantan Marks, or indicate that you have the right to exhibit, use or otherwise process Tantan Marks.

18. General Provisions

  1. This Agreement, community guideline and disclaimer constitute the entire agreement between you and Tantan and regulate your use of these services. You shall also comply with the additional terms and conditions that apply when you are using relevant services and the content or software provided by any third party;
  2. This Agreement and the relationship between you and Tantan shall be governed by the laws of the People's Republic of China. Any dispute between you and Tantan with respect to these services, this user agreement or other relevant matters shall be settled through amicable negotiation in the first instance, and in the event that no resolution can be reached through negotiation, such dispute shall be submitted to the Beijing Arbitration Commission for arbitration. The arbitration award will be final and binding on both parties;
  3. no exercise or enforcement of any right or provision in this Agreement by Tantan will constitute waiver of the same;
  4. even in the event that any provision of this user agreement conflicts with the laws of the People's Republic of China and becomes invalid, you agree that you will endeavor to keep valid the intention of the party concerned reflected in such provision in accordance with the law, and the remaining provisions in this user agreement shall remain in full force and effect;
  5. The headings used in this user agreement are for convenience only and have no legal or contractual effect.

Code of Conduct for Tantan Users

I. Principles

1. To maintain the healthy ecological order of Tantan Social Networking Software (hereinafter referred to as 'Tantan'), better safeguard the legal interests of the user and the sound user experience, and comply with the provisions in relevant national laws, you shall comply with the Code of Conduct for Tantan Users ('the Code') when using Tantan.

2. Tantan users must comply with effective laws and legislations when carrying out activities on the Tantan platform. Tantan will deal with the violation accordingly in accordance with relevant laws and legislations and the rules of the Terms of Service.

3. The Code is an inseparable part of the Terms of Service. You are required to carefully read the Code before using Tantan to ensure that you have fully understood the content of the various provisions of the Code. You will have no right to use Tantan unless and until you have accepted all the content of the Code. Your use of Tantan will be deemed as your acceptance of the Code and your agreement to be bound by the content of the Code.

II. Specifications

1. Publishing pornographic content and content that is on the verge of pornography.

2. Publishing any advertisement-related information, Examples: advertisements for WeChat businesses, recruitment, credit cards, loans, cosmetics, digital products, Taobao stores and face-lifting or one-to-one sales promotion.

3. Threatening, slandering and abusing others.

4. Misappropriating the materials of others, including but not limited to:

5. Impersonating the official account of Tantan:

6. Violating effective national laws and legislations, including but not limited to:

7. Publishing content that is bloody, violent, horrific, repulsive, etc., and may be disturbing, including but not limited to:

8. Publishing phishing website links, website links and QR codes containing Trojan horse viruses and other content that may affect the user's information security.

9. Using add-ons and engaging in other malicious behavior, including but not limited to:

10. Engaging in gambling or disguised gambling.

11. Using Tantan to guide traffic to other platforms, which may result in fraud or other illegal acts upon the review of Tantan and in the judgment of the system.

12. Publishing information about pseudo base stations or phone number changing software on the platform, including but not limited to:

13. Other behavior that go against the provisions of national laws or disrupt the social networking environment on the Tantan platform.

III. Punishment Mechanism

Anyone with any of the aforesaid behavior will be prohibited from using part of the functions of his or her Tantan account, and will be restricted in his or her interactions with others. Tantan has the right to screen illegal contents.

If circumstances are severe or in the event of repeated violations, Tantan has the right to ban or freeze the account. If the law has been violated or a crime has been committed, Tantan has the right to transfer the account information to a judiciary authority.

Anyone who discovers that the account of another person has information that is against the law or the Code of Conduct for Users may report the same on the reporting page. We will take timely action upon verification.

IV. Dynamic Document

The Code is a dynamic document. We have the right to modify and update its content in accordance with relevant laws and legislations or on the basis of the requirements for product operations. You are required to view the document repeatedly to obtain the latest information. This Code is a supplement to the Terms of Service, and in case of any conflict the Terms of Service shall prevail.